Hello and welcome to the website!

The sole purpose of the website is to improve the health of Scottish Fold cats by promoting responsible breeding. And the only way to do this is by informing potential Scottish Fold owners of what to look for, so that they can recognize if someone is acting responsibly before committing to buying a Scottish Fold kitten from a particular breeder.

Please feel free to send The Checklist to a breeder you are considering buying a kitten from. You can download a PDF questionnaire at the end of the page. It’s long, but you can explain to them that once they have filled it out, they have it on file for anyone who wants to buy a kitten from them. They will only need to update it once a year. But filling out the questionnaire isn’t enough:

Please ask the breeder to show you testing results for both of the kitten’s parents before you commit to buying a kitten from them. This is very important!!! Anyone can say that they test, but only a responsible breeder can prove it. Trust may be good, but verification is better!