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Scottish Fold Kitten Ella relaxed

I am often asked about specific breeders via private message and always have to answer the same thing: I am not a cattery inspector, so I can’t say whether or not a particular breeder has done everything they could in order to bring healthy animals into the world. BUT I do have things I look for which give me a good indication. Here’s a step by step guide on how to recognize a good breeder

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Scottish Fold Kitten Schottisches Faltohr Kätzchen Katze Kater Oleg Backyard Breeder Vermehrer HCM plötzlich gestorben

Foldies are so cute. But even though they look like cuddly toys, don’t forget that they are in fact carnivores and need to eat meat to survive. So the best thing you can give your goofy darling is wet food packed with protein and animal fat and low on fillers such as grains, vegetables or any form of carbohydrate. And of course: NO SUGAR!!!

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