All of these kittens were born with preventable hereditary conditions. Would you have known? We didn't.

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Jeanny or “Dicke” (German for fatty) at 12 weeks, from a Backyard Breeder, OCD – courtesy of Anne Karen Kranhold Read more about Jeanny
• Jens Thorben or “Tobi” at 13 weeks, from a Backyard Breeder, OCD – courtesy of Ursula H. Read more about Tobi
Oleg, from a Backyard Breeder, died at age 1-1/2, possibly of HCM – courtesy of Kiki A. Read more about Oleg
Ruby, from a Backyard Breeder, severe OCD, hip dysplasia, megacolon – courtesy of Nicole D. Read more about Ruby
Ronin, from a breeder who did not test, OCD confirmed, put to sleep at 3-1/2 months – courtesy of Mel Lee. Read more about Ronin
Nova, from an unscrupulous Breeder, ringworm, upper respiratory infection, died at 4 months – courtesy of Sabrina. Read more about Nova
Ella at 11 weeks, from a Backyard Breeder, hip dysplasia – courtesy of Barbara Lynne (website administrator) Read more about Ella

Use of these photos was kindly granted by their owners, free of charge. I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to include photos of your fur babies anywhere this text appears (online, in a shareable PDF etc.) in the hopes of preventing other kittens from going through the same thing.

If you have a Scottish Fold with issues and would like to donate a kitten picture or for their story to appear here, please contact Barbara Lynne at

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