Scottish Fold Kitten Jeanny as ball of fluff fuzzy Faltohr Kätzchen Katze Jeanny Fussel
Introducing Jeanny, whose Mom calls her Fatty.

Shortly after Jeanny arrived, she was sitting on the sofa and her Mom jokingly said to her, “Hey there, Fatty!” and the name stuck. Her nickname is even funnier since Jeanny is quite small, at just 6 and a half pounds (3 kg) though fully grown.

Jeanny was born on 31 March 2016 and came to her family 10 weeks later, on 8 June 2016. That she was separated from her mother so young is a sure sign of a Backyard Breeder. They don’t like to keep the kittens longer than necessary, since it costs them more money, even though these cats miss out on important weeks of socialization. A Finnish research team found out that cats who are separated before the age of 14 weeks are more likely to bite and scratch. Read more

Jeanny has a short, stiff tail and has been diagnosed with osteochondrodysplasia, or OCD. At the moment it only seems to be affecting her tail, but as it is also visible from her paws as well. Since OCD is a progressive condition, no one can say what the future will hold.

Jeanny’s Mom Anne Karen Kranhold had never had a cat of a particular breed before and has learned a lot from the experience. She now says she would never get another cat from a Backyard Breeder and is outspoken advocate of responsible Scottish Fold breeding online, helping to educate others.

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