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Here, you will find four ways how you can help spread the word.

Do you think this is a message worth putting out there? Then here are several ways you can support this site:

1. Make a donation

The most obvious way is by making a small donation. Here is a link to a PayPal pool set up for this purpose:

Link to PayPal Pool:
Be sure and select “Send money to friends and family” in order not to have any extra fees!

Because I think it’s important for this information to be out there for a long time to come, I will accept donations to cover the costs of running the website. But once two years of fees have been covered in advance (ca. $40), any excess will be donated to an animal rescue organization for cats.

All donations of at least $5 will be listed below, including the first name and last initial of the person donating, the date and the amount, and at the end of the year how much was donated to which organization. I apologize but as a private person, who is not registered as a charitable organization, I will not be able to issue donation receipts for tax purposes.

Thank you!!!

List of Donors:

  • Norman M. and Steffi B. have donated the hosting of this website free of charge since November 2019.

2. Send in your Kitten Pictures and Stories

Does your Fold suffer from hereditary condition? Then please send your photos and stories to Barbara Lynne at and give us permission to share them on the website, Facebook page or wherever the texts appear.

Here’s a good example of what a page for your kitten’s page could look like, but single photos are also gladly accepted and published:

Image credits:

Jeanny or “Dicke” (German for fatty) at 12 weeks, from a Backyard Breeder, OCD – courtesy of Anne Karen Kranhold Read more about Jeanny
• Jens Thorben or “Tobi” at 13 weeks, from a Backyard Breeder, OCD – courtesy of Ursula H. Read more about Tobi
Oleg, from a Backyard Breeder, died at age 1-1/2, possibly of HCM – courtesy of Kiki A. Read more about Oleg
Ruby, from a Backyard Breeder, severe OCD, hip dysplasia, megacolon – courtesy of Nicole D. Read more about Ruby
Ronin, from a breeder who did not test, OCD confirmed, put to sleep at 3-1/2 months – courtesy of Mel Lee. Read more about Ronin
Nova, from an unscrupulous Breeder, ringworm, upper respiratory infection, died at 4 months – courtesy of Sabrina. Read more about Nova
Ella at 11 weeks, from a Backyard Breeder, hip dysplasia – courtesy of Barbara Lynne (website administrator) Read more about Ella

Use of these photos was kindly granted by their owners, free of charge. I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to include photos of your fur babies anywhere this text appears (online, in a shareable PDF etc.) in the hopes of preventing other kittens from going through the same thing.

If you have a Scottish Fold with issues and would like to donate a kitten picture or for their story to appear here, please contact Barbara Lynne at

3. Spread the word

Please share a link to this website wherever you are active online, so that it will be ranked higher in search results, meaning that more people who are looking for Scottish Fold kittens will find it.

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Because I’m convinced that together we can make a difference. 🎗

4. Leave a Supportive Comment

Every gesture is appreciated! If you agree with what we’re trying to accomplish, then let us know. It doesn’t just make our day, it lets other visitors to the website know that they have found a page worth reading.

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