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Scottish Fold Kitten Schottisches Faltohr Kätzchen Katze Kater Oleg Backyard Breeder Vermehrer HCM plötzlich gestorben

Foldies are so cute. But even though they look like cuddly toys, don’t forget that they are in fact carnivores and need to eat meat to survive. So the best thing you can give your goofy darling is wet food packed with protein and animal fat and low on fillers such as grains, vegetables or any form of carbohydrate. And of course: NO SUGAR!!!

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Scottish Fold Kittens brother and sister straight Faltohr Kätzchen Katzen Geschwister bruder und schwester stehohren

Here’s a 10 minute summary of what this whole website is about: know the risks, make an informed decision, find a good breeder, get copies of testing results.

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Scottish Fold Kitten Tobi runny eyes Faltohr Kätzchen Katze Kater Tobi Schnupfen

It’s impossible to find out about the problems plaguing Scottish Fold cats and not ask yourself if it is ethical to keep breeding them. No animal should be made to suffer for their looks. Here, an in-depth essay on the subject.

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