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You've decided to get a Scottish Fold kitten and are about to make a very important decision. This website can help.

You have taken your first step 👣 towards finding your very own wonderful Scottish Fold Kitten! 😻

Right now, you are at the crossroads: ↔️

On one side, a path leads to years of enjoyment with an adorable, loving, goofy but chilled Scottish Fold cat. So what’s on the other side??? 🤔

This path leads to a kitten that around the age of one doesn’t want to play or cuddle anymore. Or even get up to eat or use the litter box. She just wants to lie there and not move because moving hurts. 😿

But because she’s yours and you love her, you embark on a totally different, unplanned journey of vet visits and x-rays, worrying and using up all of your savings (holding off on taking vacations or buying nice new things) because of all of the bills and medicines and therapies to help your poor, sweet kitty. 🌡💉💊

So how do you choose the right path, the one which leads to good times with a happy, healthy, furry new family member instead of the one to heartbreak, sorrow and regret? 💔

That’s what these articles are about: A guide to choosing a Scottish Fold kitten or cat with as much security as possible.

Spoiler Alert: There is no 100% guarantee of getting a healthy Scottish Fold kitten. 😿

At the same time, this wesbite aims to put those people out of business who are currently making money off a poor, defenseless animal’s misery, whether it’s deliberately or because they are careless or uninformed.

According to an old joke, the three most important criteria for real estate are:
Location, location, location.

With Scottish Fold kittens, they’re:
Breeder, breeder, breeder.

Buying a healthy Scottish Fold Kitten comes down to finding a responsible Breeder

It all comes down to one factor and that is: Choosing the right breeder. If you’re already convinced, you can skip ahead to The Checklist. also recommends joining large groups on social media and asking the admins and members for recommendations. Here are a few groups you can try:

Scottish Fold Info Community This is the partner group for the website. It’s not very big yet, but no cat sales are allowed and members are encouraged to speak freely about their experiences with various breeders.

I Love my Scottish Fold Cat!! A very large group which doesn’t allow cat sales either, so you are sure to get unbiased opinions. And if no one in the group has ever heard of your prospective breeder, it’s not a good sign!

But if you’re curious about why choosing a responsible breeder is absolutely crucial to your future happiness, let’s take it step by step. First, let’s take a look at our odds, when getting a Scottish Fold kitten, in the Poll Results.

We’ll talk about how to approach the search for a kitten. How adopting a Scottish Fold kitten is kind of like purchasing a big-ticket item – but without the warranty. And how you can make the most informed decision possible.

Here’s a 10 minute summary of what this website is all about.

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